Concur Extension: Getting Started
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If you are not logged into the Rocketrip browser extension already, you'll see a login button available on the upper-right of the embedded Rocketrip box on the Concur Travel homepage, like in the screenshot below. If you have trouble logging in, check our article here for help.

You should now see your name and Rocketrip Points total - you're ready to get a Price to Beat!

When you search for flights, hotels, car rentals, or rail travel, a Rocketrip Price to Beat will display beneath the matrix on the results page. 

On occasion, a Price to Beat will not be generated and a message similar to the screenshot below will be displayed. This can happen when: your search parameters return no travel results OR your search returns a Price to Beat that requires Rocketrip's Support Team to review it.

The Rocketrip extension is currently supported in Internet Explorer 11 and the latest version of Google Chrome. If you’re having trouble using the Rocketrip extension, you can check our troubleshooting articles here or reach out to us at

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