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With Rocketrip, the less you spend on your business travel, the more you’ll earn in rewards. There are a lot of things you could do to save on your next business trip - things that you probably already do when traveling on your own.

When you come in under your Price to Beat, Rocketrip records how you did it as one of the following “saver scenarios.” Below we've listed some of the ways that you can save on your next trip.


  • Fly coach instead of business class - You can earn hundreds of dollars in rewards by choosing to fly coach when company policy allows you to fly business class or premium economy.

  • Take a connecting flight - Connecting flights are often cheaper than direct flights.

  • Choose the lowest fare - Whether you’re shopping for flights online or booking through your corporate travel system, one of the simplest ways to earn rewards is to choose one of the cheapest flights available. Rocketrip Prices to Beat are designed to give you a variety of options that fit your travel needs, so if you remain flexible with the airline you fly and the time you depart, you can often earn rewards just by picking a cost-effective flight.

  • Take an early morning flight - Flights departing before 7:00 AM are often the cheapest of the day. The early bird gets the worm!

  • Fly the red-eye - Late night or early morning flights that extend between two business days are sometimes much cheaper than normal flights. Catch some Zs on your flight and dream of how much you've saved.

  • Fly with a low-cost carrier - Often business travelers focus on the airlines listed in their corporate booking tool, in part because they feel tied to these legacy carriers through their frequent-flyer programs. Rocketrip encourages you to consider all your choices, including low-cost carriers like Spirit and Frontier. By finding a less expensive option, you’ll be earning Rocketrip points that have much greater dollar value than any frequent flyer program.

  • Book multiple one way tickets - Booking your departing and return flight legs separately, sometimes using two airlines, can be cheaper than booking round trip.

  • Use personal miles or vouchers - When you pay for a flight with frequent flyer miles, you’ll come in under your Price to Beat by 100% and earn tons of Rocketrip points. It’s effectively converting miles into cash.


  • Stay with family & friends (if eligible - check your company policy) - This is the number one way travelers save on hotels. When generating your Price to Beat, check the "I'm staying with a family member or friend" option in the accommodations portion of your itinerary. That way, Rocketrip will know:

           1. Not to expect hotel receipts from you
           2. That you're gonna earn some major points!

  • Stay at a lower star class hotel - Choosing a more economical hotel is a simple way to come in under your Price to Beat and earn rewards. For instance, you could stay at a DoubleTree when your company policy permits you to stay at a more expensive hotel such as the W.

  • Use Airbnb (if eligible - check your company policy) - Rocketrip users who stay at an Airbnb come in under their hotel Prices to Beat by an average of 42%, or over $100 a night.

  • Stay with a colleague - Co-workers who travel together often save big on their Rocketrip Prices to Beat by splitting accommodations, such as an apartment booked through Airbnb. You can find out more information on how to do this in Rocketrip here.

  • Prepay - Hotels offer discounted rates to those willing to prepay. If you're confident your plans won't change, pay ahead. 

  • Use hotel loyalty points - Use your hotel loyalty points to pay for part of or your entire stay. Either way, you’ll be saving on cost, and earning rewards.

  • Book multiple hotels - Nightly rates can change significantly. Book multiple hotels for the same trip in order to Beat your Price and earn rewards. Or even better, stay with a friend for part of your trip, and a hotel the rest.


  • Book a cheaper car class - Check out your company policy to see what car class your company allows you to book. Why not book a cheaper car? Expedia offers great deals you can compare side-by-side.

  • Use your own, family or friends car - Save on your rental car cost by using your own car, a family members or friends.

  • Share your rental car with a colleague - Traveling with colleagues? We can split the cost of a rental car across each traveler’s Price to Beat. This is a great way to reduce your total spend!

  • Skip the airport - Off-airport locations often offer cheaper rates.

  • Prepay - Similarly to hotels, car rental companies often offer discounts to those willing to prepay. Be careful, these rates are often non-refundable so you need to be confident your plans won't change.


We encourage you to book ahead whenever possible. To reward you for doing so, we give you Advance Purchase Points. Different companies choose different early booking thresholds, but the most common thresholds are 21+ and 14+ days in advance. In these cases, if you book a flight at least 22 or 15 days in advance, and the lowest available price for your trip is higher on the 21st or 14th day, Rocketrip will award you a percentage of the increase.
For example, say that 16 days before your trip you generate a Price to Beat and the lowest available airfare is $300. You book your flight, and then 14 days before your trip, Rocketrip automatically finds that airfares have gone up to $400. You'll be awarded a percentage of that $100 difference in bonus points.

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