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What rate is used to calculate my hotel rewards?
What rate is used to calculate my hotel rewards?
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We understand that you often do not pay for hotel rooms at the time of booking, but rather when you check out. This means your original point value is based on your hotel rate estimate.

Send us whatever information you have (a reservation confirmation, a nightly rate, a receipt) for your points prediction, and then your final point value will be based on what you actually spend.

What about ancillary costs, like room service?

Anything that can be classified as a “per diem” or an “ancillary cost” will be excluded from counting against your rewards. Room service, drinks, or anything else should be entered as a separate line item when you submit expenses.

If you cannot have a separate line item, please send us a copy of your final invoice so we can exclude these costs from counting against you.

What about taxes & fees? 

For most companies, taxes & fees are built into every price we quote. These will be included in your actual cost and will count against your Price to Beat.

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