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Do I get extra rewards for booking my trip in advance?
Do I get extra rewards for booking my trip in advance?
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Airfares typically rise as the date of departure nears, so purchasing your ticket as early as possible is a smart way to save. With Rocketrip, you can earn more rewards if you book early.

Advance Purchase Points
In certain situations Rocketrip awards advance purchase points when airfares rise after you book.

If you book a flight at least 15 or 22 days in advance*, and the lowest available price for your trip is higher on the 14th or 21st day, Rocketrip will award you 10% of the increase.

For example, say that 16 days before your trip you generate a Price to Beat and the lowest available airfare is $300. You book your flight, and then 14 days before your trip, Rocketrip automatically finds that airfares have gone up - to $400. You'll be awarded 10% of that $100 difference, or $10 in bonus points.

Note: You're eligible to earn advance purchase points even if you don't come in under your Price to Beat, so always submit your trip receipts to

*Number of days is set by company

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