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How do I check my Price to Beat details?
How do I check my Price to Beat details?
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Your Price to Beat details for all of your past and upcoming trips are available for your reference on your employee dashboard. By clicking on the trip ID, you can view even more information, including:

  • Individual Prices to Beat for each travel mode

  • A breakdown of how your Price to Beat was generated

  • Any necessary next steps to get your Rocketrip points released!

In addition, your Price to Beat details will be sent to your work email as soon as you save a Price to Beat and/or send in receipts.ย 

***Remember to book your travel within 24 hours of generating your Price to Beat!***
โ€‹Your Price to Beat ID

Include your Price to Beat ID when you email your travel receipts to This will help us process and confirm your rewards!

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