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How do I submit my trip receipts?
How do I submit my trip receipts?
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Where do I send my receipts?

If you book through your travel management company (ie Concur), your receipts will automatically be forwarded to our system, so there is no need to complete this step!

If you book outside of those platforms, once you make your travel arrangements, forward any confirmation emails or receipts to Be sure to include your Rocketrip Trip ID in the subject line. (What is my Rocketrip ID?)

We won't be able to confirm your Price to Beat until we see receipts associated with the travel you’ve booked, so remember to send them to at your earliest possible convenience.

Although you must book travel within 24 hours, your receipts don't need to be sent right away. As long as your receipt includes a date of purchase as proof that you booked travel within 24 hours, your Price to Beat will be confirmed. Nonetheless, most Rocketrip users find it easiest to forward their receipts to as soon as they get a booking confirmation email.

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