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What's a Price to Beat?

Your Price to Beat is a benchmark for how much your business trip should cost based on real-time market prices and your company’s travel policy. When you spend less than your Price to Beat, you’ll receive a portion of the savings in the form of Rocketrip Points.

Get a Price to Beat

Does your company use Concur to book travel? If so, we recommend downloading our extension for Chrome and Internet Explorer! With the extension installed, you can generate a Price to Beat directly from your booking tool, without going to our website first.

  1. Go to and log in to your employee dashboard. Click the “New Trip” button at the top of your screen. You can book a trip on behalf of yourself, a colleague, or multiple colleagues by entering each traveler's name in the "Get a Price to Beat for" field.

2. Name your trip for easy reference, and enter a trip purpose if needed.

3. Select which travel modes you’ll need for your trip, including flight, accommodations, rental car, and/or train.

4. Enter in your flight details. 

  • Enter your departure and arrival airports by city or airport code. To be eligible for rewards, you’ll have to book your trip out of the airport your Rocketrip Price to Beat was based on or out of the "all airports" code for that city. For instance, if you book a flight out of New York's LaGuardia airport, your Price to Beat will either need to reflect "LGA" or "NYC-all airports." You wouldn't be eligible for rewards if your Price to Beat is based on JFK. 

  • If you have a fixed schedule, you can enter in specific times you’d like to depart or arrive by.

5. Enter in your accommodation details. 

  • When getting your hotel Price to Beat, we recommend being as specific as possible with the location you enter. This means your Price to Beat will be based only on hotel options in the vicinity of where you actually need to go, rather than being targeted to a city in general. 

  • Staying with a family member or friend is a great way to save big: you’ll earn rewards against your entire hotel Price to Beat. Make sure to check the "I'm staying with a family member or friend" box to let Rocketrip know that we shouldn’t expect hotel receipts from you.

6. If applicable, enter in your rental car details.

7. Click “Create Trip” button.

Your Price to Beat

Rocketrip looks at market prices and availability to create your Price to Beat. When you book travel arrangements for less than your Price to Beat, you’ll get back a portion of the savings in the form of Rocketrip Points.
Your Price to Beat ID helps keep your trip details organized. Be sure to include it in your emails when forwarding receipts to

Your Price to Beat indicates a total price as well as individual guidelines for each travel mode you selected. If you exceed one portion of your Price to Beat, you can still earn rewards by coming in under the other portion - for instance, exceeding your flight Price to Beat, but saving on the hotel portion. Your savings will be calculated based on your spend against the total Price to Beat.
For your convenience, we provide links to sites you may want to book on, like Expedia, Airbnb, or your company's online booking site. Unless your company requires you to book through a corporate booking tool, you can feel free to book wherever you'd like.
After generating your Price to Beat, you’ll receive an email confirming that it has been saved. You’ll have 24 hours to book your travel arrangements.
If 24 hours elapse and you haven’t booked, don’t worry: you can refresh your Price to Beat from your Rocketrip dashboard.

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