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What is the company Leaderboard and Activity Feed?
What is the company Leaderboard and Activity Feed?
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The Leaderboard shows your travel savings and rewards compared to those of your colleagues. The points displayed are based on how many points you have earned since the start of the year. This can be found on the right side of your dashboard, or by clicking on the orange rocket icon in your browser when you are on or Concur.

The Activity Feed shows recent rewards earned by your colleagues and stories they've shared about how they plan to spend them, as well as what they've done to earn those rewards!

To share your stories on the Activity Feed, you'll just need to fill out the "Your Story" field when redeeming a gift card.ย 

To remove your name being shown on the Activity Feed and Leaderboard, head to the settings page, and click "Change Password" or "Change Privacy." There will be a checkbox to enable or disable your name from these feeds.

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