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What happens if I go over my Price to Beat?
What happens if I go over my Price to Beat?
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We understand you won’t always be able to come in under your Price to Beat. That's why Rocketrip never penalizes you for going over.

Even when you can't come in under your Price to Beat, always submit your trip receipts to Rocketrip.

Why should I submit my trip receipts if I'm over my Price to Beat?

1. You can still earn points! The Rocketrip platform rewards you for booking early, even if you don’t come in under the Price to Beat.

2. Submitting trip receipts helps your company keep an accurate record of its travel history.

3. It will make your next Price to Beat more accurate. At Rocketrip, providing an accurate Price to Beat is our top priority. If we detect a pattern of employees going over the Price to Beat, we'll investigate and work with your travel manager to make sure our Price to Beat is reasonable for your team's travel.

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