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What if I’m booking a trip on behalf of someone else?
What if I’m booking a trip on behalf of someone else?
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If you need to book travel for others, follow the same steps that you would if you were booking travel for yourself, but add additional names.

Simply login to your own account, get a new trip Price to Beat, and enter all the names of those you’re booking for at the top of the page. Separate Prices to Beat will be created for each person.

If users are subscribed to different Price to Beat templates (i.e. they have different policies), their Prices to Beat will be split out accordingly.

Once you book travel, be sure to forward your receipts and include the Rocketrip Price to Beat ID(s) to The receipt you send must have the name(s) of the relevant traveler(s) included.

Sharing a room with a colleague? Read more about how to earn Rocketrip points this way here.

Who receives the points for trips booked on behalf of others? 

In most cases, the traveler will earn the Rocketrip Points for any Prices to Beat created on their behalf. Your company may offer a program that allows the booker to share in a percentage of those rewards! If you're interested in learning more, reach out to our team at

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