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How do I edit or update my trip?
How do I edit or update my trip?
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If you need to edit a trip after generating a Price to Beat, you can do so from your employee dashboard. Locate your Price to Beat Trip Card, select 'Edit', and make any changes necessary.

Plans changed? If you have already booked your travel and sent in receipts, you can edit your Price to Beat to match your new travel plans from your dashboard. Please send through your updated receipts to

Forgot to book? If you couldn’t book your travel within 24 hours of generating your Price to Beat, don’t worry - you can refresh your Price to Beat from your dashboard.

Made a mistake? If you received an email that you are ineligible for rewards, it may be because the dates, location, or time parameters on your Price to Beat didn’t match the receipts you sent in. As long as your trip is in the future, please feel free to edit your Price to Beat to match your actual itinerary. You will also need to reach out to to confirm your trip.

Extending your trip? Feel free to edit your trip to reflect your extended dates, or reach out to if you need a helping hand.

Please be aware that you cannot edit a trip with dates in the past. To ensure you’re eligible for rewards, we encourage you to make any changes to your trip as early as possible.

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