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Getting Started with Rocketrip
Getting Started with Rocketrip
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What's Rocketrip?

Rocketrip rewards you for spending less on business travel by letting you keep a portion of what you save on a trip. Here’s how it works:

  • Tell Rocketrip when and where you have to travel. We generate a custom Price to Beat that’s based on real-time market prices and your company’s travel policy.

  • Book your travel, aiming to come in under your Price to Beat if you can. Fly coach instead of business, book a connecting flight, choose a less expensive hotel, or stay with family & friends: it’s up to you. Book the trip that works for you, and part of every dollar you save goes back in your pocket.

Activate Your Account

The first step to using Rocketrip is activating your account with the activation link provided in the “Welcome to Rocketrip” email sent by

Installing the Extension

If you use Concur to book travel, make sure to check out our Chrome or Internet Explorer Extension!  It works seamlessly with your booking tool to give you a Price to Beat so that you don't have to go to Rocketrip first to generate a Price to Beat. 

Your company may have already pushed the extension to your computer. If you see an orange rocket icon in the top right corner of your browser, you are set to use the extension! If you don't see that icon, or if you aren't sure if your extension is installed and would like to download it, check out our Extension Support page

Get Your Price to Beat

Before booking a business trip, log in at to get your Price to Beat -- it only takes 30 seconds! Rocketrip calculates your Price to Beat based on real-time prices and availability, so you can use it for booking in advance or at the last minute.

Booking via Concur? No need to visit our website first. Once you have our Concur Extension installed and you are signed in, simply search for travel and your Price to Beat should be generated automatically on Concur's website. 

Book Travel and Submit Receipts

After getting your Price to Beat, you’ll have 24 hours to book travel arrangements. Don't worry if you run out of time -- you can always refresh your Price to Beat, resetting the clock for another 24 hours.

You can book your trip on your favorite sites like Expedia, Kayak, and Airbnb, or on your company’s corporate travel system. Some companies require employees to book through their corporate travel site. Ask your employer or reach out to for specifics on where to book.

The last step is to submit your receipts. If you booked via Concur, we will automatically receive your itinerary. If you booked elsewhere, you'll need to send a copy of your itinerary to This allows us to calculate your expected savings and grant you pending points. You should forward your receipts/booking confirmation to us as soon as you receive them, ideally within 24 hours of generating your Price to Beat. Your receipts don't have to be final, they just need to indicate date purchased and dates/locations/costs of travel.

Redeem Rewards

You’ll earn Rocketrip Points for every dollar you come in under your trip Price to Beat. Rocketrip Points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash cards, shared with colleagues, or even donated to charity.

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