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What if part of my trip is for personal travel?
What if part of my trip is for personal travel?
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Adding vacation time to a business trip is a great way to make the most out of your travel. When using Rocketrip in this situation, your Price to Beat should simply reflect whatever your business expectations are.

Generating your flight Price to Beat

Make sure your flight dates and locations match your business expectations.  If you're planning on staying the weekend for personal reasons, the flight dates for your Price to Beat should match the weekday dates you will be in a location for business.

Generating your hotel Price to Beat

Your hotel Price to Beat should only reflect the dates you need to expense for work. If you're staying the weekend for leisure travel, don't include those dates in the Price to Beat you generate.

Submitting your receipts

If you are mixing business and leisure travel, be sure to:

  1. Send a note to with a short description of your plans. It’ll help us process your trip in the way that makes most sense.

  2. Have fun!

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