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How is my Price to Beat calculated?
How is my Price to Beat calculated?
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Your Price to Beat is a benchmark for how much your business trip should cost based on real market prices and your company’s travel policy. When you spend less than your Price to Beat, you’ll get back a portion of the savings in the form of Rocketrip Points.

Several factors go into your Price to Beat:

Your travel details
Trip costs vary based on where and when you're traveling. A Price to Beat that would give you plenty of options for booking a trip to Omaha wouldn't work if you're traveling to New York during a major conference. That's why Rocketrip's Prices to Beat are based on actual costs and availability, not predetermined spending caps.

Your company's travel policies
Your Price to Beat is tailored to the specific travel behavior allowed in your company's policy, such as when employees can fly business class instead of coach, and which hotel star class they're permitted to book.

Your company's corporate rates
If your company has negotiated discounts with certain airlines or hotels, Rocketrip factors in these rates when calculating your Price to Beat. In some cases, these negotiated rates will be the lowest available. Other times, you'll be able to save and earn rewards by finding a less expensive option on the open market.

Rocketrip gives an overall Price to Beat, as well as separate Prices to Beat for your flight, hotel, rental car, and rail. Even if you can't come in under one portion of your Price to Beat, you can still earn rewards by coming in under your overall Price to Beat (e.g. going over your flight Price to Beat by $100, but beating your hotel Price to Beat by $200).

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