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What is my traveler's Rocketrip ID?
What is my traveler's Rocketrip ID?

Booking travel for someone and need their Rocketrip ID? This article will show you how to generate one for their trip.

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A Rocketrip ID is a unique alphanumeric code (e.g. ABC12345) assigned to each individual trip. This means your traveler will have to have a new Rocketrip ID each time you book a trip for them. Some companies require employees to include their Rocketrip IDs when submitting expenses.  You should also include your Rocketrip ID when sending in your receipts to, or when chatting with the support team so we easily know exactly which trip you are referring to. 

To get a Rocketrip ID for your traveler, you'll need to generate a Price to Beat for them. You can generate a Price to Beat via our Concur Extension or our website. Check out our article here for more information about generating a Price to Beat.

Once the Price to Beat is generated, you can find your ID by logging into your employee dashboard and clicking on the "Trips for Others" tab. The ID will be labelled "Trip ID:".

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