Booking with a travel agent is a great way to find options for your trips!

Once you search for travel in Concur and receive your Price to Beat, you may see a button that says "Share With Agent," as shown here:

Clicking this button should bring up an email to your travel management company so that you can book via an agent instead of via Concur's website. This email will be pre-populated with itinerary information about your trip, so that an agent can help you book travel that meets or comes in under your Price to Beat. Doing this is helpful because it will automatically attach your Rocketrip ID to your trip once travel is booked with a travel agent, thus cutting down on the time you'll spend looking up this information in your account!

In order to be eligible for rewards when booking with an agent, please remember to generate your Price to Beat and then book with your agent within 24 hours in order to be eligible for rewards. Also it's important that the times, dates, and locations on your itinerary match those on the Price to Beat! 

For example, if you generate a Price to Beat for certain time parameters (e.g. 10am-2pm) and then book with an agent outside those time parameters (e.g. a flight that leaves at 3pm), you can go back anytime within 24 hours after booking and refresh your Price to Beat from your Employee Dashboard to reflect the times you actually booked. If you end up booking a flight outside of your initially indicated parameters, your Price to Beat may be updated in order to remain eligible for points. You can also learn more about our rules for point eligibility by clicking here.

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