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Coming in under your Price to Beat
Having Trouble Coming In Under Your Price to Beat?
Having Trouble Coming In Under Your Price to Beat?

Check out these quick tips to make sure your search is aligned with the Price to Beat

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Shop by price

The default parameters of your booking tool can vary. Once you specify your search, try shopping by price to easily view the options that can come in under your Price to Beat! 

Be as specific as possible

If you have constraints with times or locations while traveling, make sure to enter those in your Price to Beat.*

  • Time parameters - Check that your generated Price to Beat's departure or arrival window matches the flights or trains that fit your schedule.

  • Hotel location - If you need to stay in a certain neighborhood or near your office, try entering a specific address to reflect where the Price to Beat is based on.

  • Airports - If there is only one airport you can fly in or out of, make sure your flight Price to Beat is based on that airport exclusively. 

*Please note that if you generate a Price to Beat for specific times, locations, or airports that your travel plans must match the Price to Beat exactly. Anything booked outside of the parameters of your Price to Beat is subject to being re-run by our system. Check out our article here for more information.

Verify the policy 

Your Rocketrip Price to Beat always details the policies used for calculation. These policies are based on how your company calibrated their Rocketrip account. If you have questions about why a particular policy was used for your Price to Beat, please reach out to us at

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