Installing the Concur Extension

Downloading and installing Rocketrip's browser extension is as easy as 1-2-3!

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If you haven't already, check our Installation Tool to make sure you don't already have the browser extension installed.

Your company's IT team may have installed the browser extension for you, or they may need to still do so. In that case, you will need to reach out to your IT team to have the extension installed.

Otherwise, you can follow these steps to install the extension:

1. Install the extension by clicking the button with your internet browser below. The Rocketrip browser extension is currently supports the desktop versions of Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

2. Click on the orange rocket icon in your browser's toolbar or visit the Employee Dashboard to login and activate the extension. If you don't see the orange rocket icon, check the installation tool to make sure you're all set!

3. If you have any problems with installation, please reach out to the Support team at, or chat us from your Employee Dashboard. We'd be happy to help you get set up!

Curious what the Concur Extension does? Check out our article here.

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