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How to Access Your Concur Expense Report
How to Access Your Concur Expense Report
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Rarely, you may need to provide us with a screenshot of your trip expenses. To access your approved reports in Concur, you'll need to navigate to Manage Expenses > Report Library > View > All Expenses. Please see below for a step by step view of this process.
Any expense screenshots should include the final amount and show that the expense is in approved status.

  1. In Concur Expense, click on "Report Library."

2. If your report is more than 90 days old, you might need to click "View" and then "All Reports" in order to see all of your previous expense reports.

3. Once you have your expense report open, you can take a screenshot of the left hand side of the page showing the individual line items for your travel modes. You can also export the PDF file to download the full report.

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