If you need to book travel for others, use the Travel Arranger function in Concur as you normally would.

After initiating a session in Concur acting as another user, Rocketrip will generate a Price to Beat for your traveler with you indicated as the copilot.

If the Rocketrip banner doesn't capture your traveler's name the first time, you can manually edit it by clicking on the pencil icon in the top left. That will allow you to search for the traveler you need. 

The Price to Beat will be calculated using the travel policy of the traveler you are booking on behalf of. 

Who receives the points for trips booked on behalf of others? 

In most cases, the traveler will earn the Rocketrip Points for any Prices to Beat created on their behalf. Your company may offer a "copilot" program that allows the booker to share in a percentage of those rewards! If you're interested in learning more, reach out to our team at support@rocketrip.com.

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